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Author guidelines

Guide For Authors

IJERA accepts any research and review articles on various emerging research areas in Engineering Science.

Manuscripts should be written in English and should clearly describe all necessary results that supports your work. It can be submitted by sending a mail to . All manuscripts should be a single PDF file according to the ijera review template for review process. After acceptance of the manuscript the author would be requested to submit their paper in the camera ready template for publication.

Checklist for submitting manuscript:

  • a. Manuscript should be in the prescribed ijera review format.
  • b. Should be spell checked and grammar checked.
  • c. All authors should be mentioned, with their e-mail id.
  • d. The corresponding author should be mentioned.
  • e. Submission of the manuscript implies that the manuscript is not published elsewhere or is not considered for publication in any other journal.

Title, Authors and Affiliations

The title should be crisp and should distinctively describe the scope of the article. The title should not contain any abbreviations.

All authors should be mentioned below the title with their respective affiliations (Only for camera ready submission). Affiliations can be grouped or separated accordingly. Corresponding author should be mentioned in the footnotes.


A brief description of the article, which covers the problem, proposal, experimental approach, results and conclusions should be mentioned in the abstract. The abstract should be around 200 to 300 words. It should not contain any references, figures, or tables. Non-standard abbrevations should be avoided, but if necessary should be expanded in the first mention itself.


Below the abstract the article should provide a minimum of three keywords. These keywords will be used for indexing purpose

Images, Tables

It is recommended to submit images in eps vector format. Tables should be as editable text and not as images. Both images and tables should be labelled with a caption.


All references cited within the article should be present in the reference list and vice versa. Unpublished articles cannot be reference. The reference list should be in the standard format. It is recommended to use bibtex for listing the references.

Blind Peer review

The manuscript submitted will undergo a blind review process. Therefore, the review manuscript must not contain the author names and affiliations. If the article is accepted the author names and affiliations can be added in the camera ready copy.